Catherine Poulter, Dip Tchg, MBA, GCNZIA ~ Managing Director
Licensed Immigration Adviser ~ Full License No. 201502647
Recruiting internationally was a solution Catherine Poulter embraced when skill shortages challenged her US based businesses. The benefits for both her and her employees were significant and rewarding. Cath was able to access high quality employees who were eager to thrive and the employees gained oversees career and life experience. Upon returning to New Zealand, she began to use her experience to assist with the urgent need to supply skilled, motivated labour to the progressive New Zealand dairy industry. Her family has dairy farmed on the Hauraki Plains for 4 generations.

Allister Simpson
Licensed Immigration Adviser ~ Full License No. 200901795
Allister has extensive experience in immigration having worked as an immigration adviser in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He grew up in Dunedin before moving to Queenstown where he operated a successful adventure tourism company for seven years. In 2005 he relocated to the UK where he worked for one of the largest and most successful migration agencies, The Emigration Group, during which time he obtained full registration as an approved Licensed Immigration Adviser. Now located in Auckland, Allister is able to offer professional immigration advice and assistance to MARCAT clients.

Florencia Beltramino B.VS
Veterinarian, Adviser to Recruits
Florencia has worked as an Assistant Herd Manager on dairy farms in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. She has worked on both family and corporate farms. She was a MARCAT Recruit in 2011 and is now a NZ resident. She has experienced the challenges and advantages of relocating to a foreign country, working within the unique and varied dairy farm workplace culture. Flor has a passion for large animal health and has been instrumental in sourcing aspiring agricultural and animal health professionals for the New Zealand dairy industry.


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